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    • I've been wanting to take a class at Pansaari for a year and it did not disappoint! Rano exudes personality and warmth, passion and knowledge. I love to cook with Indian spices but there were several new ones I was introduced to. The sights and smells were incredible! I can't wait to replicate these recipes at home.
      - Row S.
    • Rano was the most welcoming, kindhearted, knowledgeable chef. I felt like she transported us to her family's kitchen in India, while empowering us to cook with spices and fresh ingredients. I definitely laughed out loud a few times :-) Thank you so much!
      - Alisha C.
    • Fabulous meal... Wonderful evening. Many Thanks.
      - Halley B.
    • Thank you very much - we saw, we learned, we tasted, and we will cook!
      - Jenny F.
    • I learned so much! Excellent demonstration and education on spices and how to release the flavors - Thank you for a wonderful evening.
      - Alex R.
    • You taught us a value system just as much as how to cook - Thank You.
      - Ryan C.
    Monthly Offerings
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    Sunday, December 3 - Hands-On Paratha (Bread) Class More Info
    Wednesday, December 06 - The Vegetables Class More Info
    Sunday, December 10 - Introduction to Indian Cooking (Sunday) More Info
    Sunday, December 17 - Indian Rice Class More Info
    Gift Certificates
    Various Dates (at least 5 per month, see below)
    Various Times
    Various Prices ($25 - $75 + tax)
    Here at Pansaari, we offer a wide variety of Indian cooking classes throughout the year, including our weekly Introduction to Indian Cooking, a very popular Daal class, a Paratha making class (stuffed bread), a Kombucha class, a Spice Education class, and more. Please peruse this month's offerings below for more information.

    By popular demand, we are now offering online gift certificates! A cooking class is a great present for anyone, whether they still burn their rice or have years of experience in the kitchen. Our classes have gotten great reviews, and we thought they would be a nice non-material gift idea for your loved one. Or get two and come in together!

    *Note that a gift certificate can be used for any equivalently priced cooking class, and in addition we may not have every class available every month. To redeem a gift certificate, please RSVP for a class by mentioning the email you used to pay for the gift certificate (should be on the receipt), either by emailing or stopping by Pansaari.
    Hands-On Paratha (Bread) Class
    Sunday, December 3
    4:30 - 6:30 PM
    $65 + Tax
    Join us for a hands-on class where you will learn how to make traditional Indian stuffed parathas (breads stuffed with a savory mix of vegetables and spices).
    You will get to make the dough (yes, get your hands to work in making dry soft whole wheat flour into perfect balls of dough) and also roast the Parathas on an open griddle.

    We will teach two kinds of parathas and a gluten free roti:
    * Aloo (Potatoes)
    * Whole wheat
    * Besan Chilla (gluten-free pancake made from gram flour)

    Attendees will get to enjoy the parathas after the class. Parathas will be served with dahi (yogurt) and achaar (spicy Indian pickle)
    RSVP – Please pay 5 days in advance to secure a spot in the class.
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    The Vegetables Class
    Wednesday, December 06
    6:30 - 8:30 PM
    $65 + Tax
    Indian cuisine does not let vegetables be an accompaniment to meats, but rather anoints them as a central part of the main course.

    With a little help from our spices (and friends), let us show you how to cook them flavor-fully without losing the essence of the vegetable used in the dish.

    At this class we will demonstrate three seasonal vegetable dishes.

    At the end of the class you will be able to relish these with the group!
    RSVP – Please pay 5 days in advance to secure a spot in the class.
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    Introduction to Indian Cooking (Sunday)
    Sunday, December 10
    4:30 - 6:30 PM
    $55 + Tax
    A Sunday afternoon version of our popular Wednesday night class.

    During this class, we conduct a cooking demonstration where you will learn how to cook simple, nutrition rich, seasonal meals with quality ingredients. You will learn how spices not only add flavor to your food but also benefit your health holistically. The demonstration will be followed by a tasting of the dishes we cook.

    We will be cooking seasonal vegetables with spices, daal and a rice dish. We will also make a delicious fresh salad called “Cachumber,” which is made from onions, tomatoes, cilantro and a sizzling spice seasoning.

    This class is full, please check back again next month. Thanks
    Indian Rice Class
    Sunday, December 17
    6:30 - 8:30 PM
    $75 + tax
    Rice is the grain of life itself. No surprise then the cuisines of the Indian sub-continent have mastered the art of cooking this magical grain in many ways. At this class, we will demonstrate three popular ways of cooking Rice.

    - Chicken Biryani: A very popular fragrant Rice preparation made with an array of aromatic spices and Chicken that is slow cooked along with rice.
    - Khichri: A simple comforting mix of rice and lentils preparation that is good for you in any season.
    - Lemon Rice: Rice tempered with Lemon, a popular dish in the Southern part of India.
    RSVP - Limited tickets available! Pay in advance to guarantee entry.
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