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pun · saa · ri (पंसारी) n.

1. A local food café

2. A neighborhood meeting spot

3. A source for Ayurvedic chai

Hello! Warm Welcome to Pansaari.

We are a Chai Café, Cooking School, and Event Space.

Pansaari is a bar, a communal space, or a third-space where you come in for a quick ‘pick me up’, or decide to linger and make new friends: you choose your experience.

Our Chai Bar offers hot and cold drinks, snacks, lunch, and dinner, all of which are designed to be nutritionally dense, offering you a spurt of energy or a ‘rebalancing’ as you go about your busy DC day. We believe in real food with no hidden additives, chemicals, or food substitutes, while supporting local farmers who replenish the earth that nourishes us. We encourage you to bring your own containers for carry out, joining us in a collective effort to reduce waste of precious resources.

On Saturday and Sunday we open our kitchen doors to cook you brunch, which is hot and fresh off our stove and served at our communal dining tables.

We welcome you to come peruse our diverse marketplace, showcasing hand-crafted home goods, clothes, block-printed textiles, reclaimed wood furniture, and many other small finds.

We also offer a variety of cooking classes, suitable for novices and pros alike. We have a mission to teach you how to cook healthy and delicious meals, like those we eat at home in India. In doing so we hope to support the efforts of our local farmers, introduce a return to seasonal diets, show you the myriad health benefits of spices, and accommodate all dietary preferences. We hope you will join us.

Lastly, we think Pansaari is a unique space. We are a popular venue for parties, corporate events, and weddings. Pansaari also caters all kinds of large and small events, whether in our beautiful space or yours. Find info about booking an event with us on our website!
1603 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
M Closed
Tu-Fr 11:30 - 3, 5:30 - 10
Sat 10-7
Sun 10-6
Brunch Sat & Sun 11-4
General Inquiries
(202) 847 0115
Event Space & Parties
(202) 817 2335
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